So I’ve joined the ranks. Whatever the number of unemployed that you’ve heard on the news, it includes me. I found out for sure yesterday. I was out sick on Friday, but Saturday I learned that Phill had been let go, along with about 16 others. I started doing the math, and was expecting to be number 18. The yacht building business is feeling it too. Some of the buyers have backed out of the deals. The owners of the company are certainly not going to start paying us out of their savings accounts.
I arrived at the plant early yesterday figuring I’d either still have a job or I wouldn’t. Wondering was worse. As soon as he was in his office, I walked up to my supervisor, and asked, “Well, Jon, do I still have a job?” He seemed taken aback slightly.
“Well Robert…” he paused “Actually, no”. He seemed genuinely distressed to tell me that I was laid off. I think that due to the global economic situation, he’s even concerned for the long term safety of his own job.
Now I’ve temporarily got a little more time on my hands. Filed for unemployment last night. This morning I visited the Work Source office in Auburn. I don’t like it there. There is a spirit of desperation in the people that were there. Even the woman at the front desk was a downer. The comments I overheard from her were less than encouraging to the people she was talking to.
I will be pursuing voice-over gigs more aggressively now that I am available during “business hours”.
On Thursday there is a job fair at church. I’ll be putting together a resume today and tomorrow.
I’m at peace with the circumstances. Do I like being unemployed? No, but the Lord is my provider, and I know that what looks like a setback is actually an opportunity. I’m also relieved to be out of that dust factory with my body still somewhat intact.