Crips and Bloods in Gray Flannel Suits

OK, we’re rapidly moving toward election day. Praise God! We will wake up the day after to regular inane ads for cereal, and car dealerships. No more political attack ads. It’s funny that whenever you hear a candidates name in an ad you can be about 95% sure that it’s paid for by his/her opponent. The candidates spend more time telling me why I shouldn’t vote for their opponent than why I should vote for them. Same with the debates. Candidate A answers the question by telling us what is wrong with the answer Candidate B will give. If I were King, if a candidate began telling me about what is wrong with the opponent, instead of answering the question, I would turn off the microphone.
I’m weary of the two party system. Don’t get me wrong, I
think the American system of government is wonderful, but there is room for improvement. So much stuff doesn’t get done because our legislators are making sure that “they” don’t get anything passed. It doesn’t seem to matter whether a plan is good or not, what matters is whether it comes from “us” or “them”. We’ve got Crips and Bloods in gray flannel suits. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they divide the country up into red and blue states. Maybe if there was a solid third party, the Blues and Reds couldn’t automatically vote against a bill that didn’t come from their own homies. Maybe a purple party could help keep them honest.