It’s Just a Number

Just finishing my birthday  It was a good day. I didn’t have to work, and just did some personal errands.  Had some birthday cake  at our rehearsal and received the usual age abuse. I’ll refrain from revealing my age. It’s just a number after all.  Right? I said… right?geritol

Lets just say  that certain restaurants offer me a discount. I have mixed feelings about that. The discount is nice, but it means I have to publicly admit that I’m old. I suppose I won’t worry too much until the waitress offers me the discount without me asking for it. Kind of like when the clerk doesn’t card you anymore when you buy beer… only worse.

I just got to where I could accept being older than the President. That was tough, but I remember teasing my dad about getting the discount. Man, what goes around does come around. I just keep repeating to myself, “It’s just a number. It’s just a number. It’s just a number…”

On a related note, we could find Bin Laden if we just put the AARP on the job. Show me someone over 50 they haven’t found.


When was a a kid, all the important people in the public world were older than me. (with the possible exception of the occasional child star I saw on tv)   The professional athletes that I watched and admired were all grown men, older than me. The first age milestone I remember hitting was when I realized that I had become the same age as many of them. I remember it striking me as significant,  when I became older than all of the football and baseball stars. The next thing that seemed freaky to me was when doctors started showing up who were younger than me. This didn’t seem right. After all, weren’t doctors kindly gray haired men who were even older than my parents? I’ve gone through bosses being younger than me.  Television reporters are younger than me. Now it has happened.  the leader of the free world is younger than I. Wow that’s a mind blower. Not long ago I would have viewed him as a kid.  Never mind his race, his  party, or his religion. I’m older than the president.

At least I’m still younger than the folks living in the retirement home down the street. Oh, and most of Arizona.

To President Obama:

I pray that the Lord give you wisdom strength and courage, all in supernatural doses, in Jesus Name, Amen.