Early Childhood Trauma

A few weeks ago I was at my sister’s house going through some old family pictures. I’ll be sharing some of the more significant ones in the coming weeks.

I’m three years old when this picture was taken. Easter weekend of 1958. I’m the one in the Easter Bunny costume… oh yeah…

Easter Madness

Easter Madness

right. I’m there in a sea of bunnies racing across some part of Golden Gate Park. I drew an arrow to show me. How do I know it’s me, you ask? How do you know it’s not?
I’m the one with the wet britches. We were hopping and hopping trying to be first across the meadow. Do you think they would have a bathroom available? And if they did, do you think I could have gotten that stupid suit off? I think not. All I know is that I was one unhappy camper.
As far as I recall, this was the last time I ever wore a bunny suit.

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