What Agreement Of Turkey Will End In 2023 In Hindi

The letter also points out that after the treaty expires, Turkey will be able to do oil exploration and join the list of oil-producing countries, as well as charge fees to ships crossing the Bosphorus and digging a new canal connecting the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. which are prohibited in Turkey by the Treaty of Lausanne; in preparation for the start of the loading of passing vessels. And by 2023, the treaty period that has elapsed for a hundred years will end, and here we understand Erdogan`s comments, as Turkey enters a new era and begins oil exploration and drilling a new canal connecting the two Black Seas and Marmara to charge fees to passing ships. We can understand some aspects of the persistent differences between Turkey and the West that Western countries fear with the end of the treaty, Turkey will find the justification for its intervention in Mosul, which belonged to Turkey for more than four centuries until it lost it in the First World War. The international community has begun to pay more attention to Turkey`s efforts, particularly with regard to the expiry of the Treaty of Lausanne. According to international law, any treaty expires after 100 years, and Erdogan seeks to link the expiration of this treaty in 2023 to the current situation in Mosul in northern Iraq, as well as raqqa and Afrin in Syria. Here, it is possible to find a balance between the Treaties of Lausanne II and the “Treaty of Nanking”, which China contracted to Britain after the First Opium War, by signing the Chenba Agreement, which aims to end the First Anglo-Chinese Conflict. By drilling in Greek maritime space, which Turkey claims as its own, without any justification under international law, including that of the United Nations Law of the Sea, Erdoğan can claim a cheap victory in Greece, knowing that the Greek army will not defend its maritime space unless seismic research becomes gas drilling. which the Turkish president will probably not do. Although the Greek army was put on high alert and all the soldiers on vacation were immediately recalled to their units, it is unlikely that Turkey`s provocation would slide into the conflict, especially since Erdoğan succeeded and masterfully distracted the Turks from the catastrophic economic situation by again invoking Turkish ultranationalism against Greece. .

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