Service Requester Does Not Have Ibm Maintenance Agreement

When it comes to software, vendors` ongoing support and maintenance contracts place a considerable burden on IT finances. With annual maintenance traditionally in the range of 20% of the original license purchase price, your company has more than doubled its spending on a given application in five years. The longer you maintain the application and be supported by the provider, the higher the total cost of operation will be. Advanced Care – Enjoy all the benefits of basic services and add faster response times and customer service services with an assigned remote account manager. IBM`s business model has shifted to become more service-oriented. But when it comes to server, storage, and networking hardware, Big Blue is still a device manufacturer. His interests lie in the research, development, commercialization and sale of computer equipment. IBM certainly benefits from the high margins inherent in maintenance contracts. They benefit all the more when a customer replaces older devices, purchases new equipment and then establishes a maintenance contract for the newly purchased purchase. Partnering with a non-IBM vendor on the sidelines of your IBM assets will provide you with additional leverage the next time the agreement is renewed.

Or that you are able to separate certain elements of the support to reduce the total software maintenance bill without compromising the services offered by IBM. Protect your critical servers with an IBM maintenance contract. We can create competitive offerings for your IBM POWER server and IBM Storage estate. We may also subcontract your existing maintenance contract with a third-party hardware maintenance contract. NOTE: IBM Part 3 Support is a convenient option for storage systems that will soon reach hardware service capture, IBM`s version of End of Support Life (EOSL). Soon, the DS6800, DS8100 and DS8300 will be included in the ranks of supposedly “obsolete” products, as IBM has announced. ACCORDING TO HIM, IBM “will resign from its lease, lease and maintenance agreements” for DS6800 on September 30, 2015 and DS8100 and DS8300 on March 31, 2016. So if an app costs you £100,000 (excluding installation and installation fees) and the annual maintenance fee has been set at 20% (plus 10% per year) after your warranty period in the first year, you pay IBM £22,000 per year, £24,200 in 3 and so on. Until the end of the fifth year, the app cost £202,102 – half on the first purchase, the other for support.

And you pay the 20% plus “inflation” every year, until IBM refuses to support your application any more. Your ongoing support and maintenance contracts are an important source of revenue for IBM – one of the reasons why the annual fees are so high. So much the better for her, not so good for you. One of the main challenges of data center and IT management is OEM support. If maintenance contracts are offered by IBM and other manufacturers, they can be extremely expensive. At the same time, the service can react bureaucratically and slowly. If this suits the OEM – not necessarily the customer – the maintenance contracts will be withdrawn. Admittedly, the DS8300 Turbo (tested here by the Storage Performance Council in 2006) amounts to only 320 TB physical capacity….

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