Bulletin Board Material

Welcome to this weeks edition of Christians Behaving Badly. Our special guest this week is Reverend Terry Jones, of Gainesville Florida. Reverend Jones and his mega church of about 30 or so loving followers of Jesus have announced that they will be burning the Koran on September 11. This is to further demonstrate their belief that “Islam is the devil’s religion”. He cites constitutional protection for this event. It’s the same protection claimed by flag burners.

Burning Koran

Jihadist Recruiting Poster

Those who’ve ever been involved in a sport that receives press coverage, have probably heard the term “Bulletin Board Material” This refers to negative remarks by a member of one team about an upcoming opponent. Invariably, the coach of the team that has been so dissed, will put the clipping containing said negative remarks on a bulletin board for his team to read, in the hopes of stirring anger and hopefully increasing the motivation of his own team. Coaches hate it when their players give bulletin board material to the press.

Reverend Jones is giving some prime bulletin board material. In fact, I’m willing to wager that a picture of him holding a flaming copy of the Koran will become the Jihad’s best recruiting Poster. (As if 72 virgins in Heaven weren’t enough)

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

I hope the government doesn’t try to prevent the good reverend, because he does have a constitutional right to do this. I hope he decides not to because it isn’t Christ-like. He should abide by the words of the one he claims to follow.

43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor’ and ‘hate your enemy.’

44 But I say to you, love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you,

45 so that you may be like your Father in heaven, since he causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

46 For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Even the tax collectors do the same, don’t they?

47 And if you only greet your brothers, what more do you do? Even the Gentiles do the same, don’t they?

48 So then, be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Just sayin’…

From the “You Gotta be Kidding” Dept.

This was on ESPN.com:

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — A House subcommittee approved legislation Wednesday aimed at forcing college football to switch to a playoff system to determine a national champion, over the objections of some lawmakers who said Congress had more pressing matters on its plate.

The bill, which faces long odds of becoming law, would ban the promotion of a postseason NCAA Division I football game as a national championship unless that title contest is the result of a playoff. The measure passed by voice vote in a House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee, with one audible “no,” from Rep. John Barrow, D-Ga.

“With all due respect, I really think we have more important things to spend our time on,” Barrow said before the vote, although he stressed he didn’t like the current Bowl Championship Series, either.

The bill’s sponsor, GOP Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, said the BCS system is unfair and won’t change unless prompted by Congress.

Thank you Rep. John Barrow, Democrat from Georgia for being the voice of sanity in a congress gone wacky. We’ve got double digit unemployment, banks still giving bonuses with tax money, and borders that we cannot seem to afford to secure. We now have congressmen in a sub committee trying to pass a law meddling in college sports? College sports is part of the entertainment industry. I sincerely believe that they have better things to do on our dime.
The bill’s sponsor is Joe Barton of Texas. This is a republican; you know, the party of small government. Wait, did I say Texas? Well I guess that explains things. Football is the state religion of Texas. Hmmm… Does this mean they’re venturing into the realm of “Church and State?
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Congress: Please stay out of College Football. I know Their championship system is lame, and perhaps for some, unfair. Maybe there should be a tournament. (but for Pete’s sake, they’ll be playing til March) Let them work it out. Let the consumers put the pressure on them to make changes. You guys have more important things to do.

Nobel Noise


I debated commenting on this. There are people on both sides of the political divide who feel quite strongly one way or the other. I was surprised when I woke to the news that Barack Obama was this year’s recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. I didn’t say that I was upset about it, just surprised. I don’t know who the other nominees were. For that matter, I don’t know who I would have nominated if I had a vote.
The Nobel Prize Internet Archive has a list of Peace Prize winners from 1901 to 2009.

Scanning the list, you’ll see the names you would expect to see. There’s Mother Teresa, Jimmy Carter, Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu. A name glaringly absent, in my opinion, is Ghandi. How can that be? A winner that probably drew more gasps than our president’s has was Yassir Arafat. The first U.S. President to win it was Theodore Roosevelt, in 1906 for drawing up the peace treaty between Russia and Japan. This is the third time a U.S. President has received it. The second while in office. Jimmy Carter was the recipient in 2002, 22 years after he was president.

Evidently, the nominations took place in February, less than a month after inauguration day. Seems a little premature to me. I’m hoping that during his tenure in the White House, he will do much to merit the prize. No individual has ever won it twice. (The Red Cross has been awarded twice, during both World Wars)

What puzzles me is the gnashing of teeth that’s been going on in the political Red Zones. You would think that the prize had been given to Bin Laden, or to Hugo Chavez. The Blue guys have been a little defensive, quick to champion the choice, pointing out all the reasons why it was justified. People, people, let’s take a deep breath. Everybody seems to be taking this thing way too personal.

Facebook has been awash with “Does he Deserve it?” polls. I’ve boycotted those. I can’t give a yes or no. I haven’t seen any with an “I don’t know/care” option. It all boils down to this: It’s not my call. The Nobel people can give their prizes to whomever they choose. The only way it would truly affect my life would be if they gave it to me.

Should he? Shouldn’t he? Some are suggesting he decline it. (That would be disrespectful) Maybe he got the award simply because they like him. Having people around the world liking the U.S. President isn’t a bad thing. It’s been a while. Perhaps they look at it as a preemptive strike. What world leader who was the owner of a Nobel Peace Prize could ever declare war on anyone.

President as Pop Icon

Ok we’re about a half year into President Obama’s first year as President of the United States.  He’s been a busy guy. Whether we agree or not on whether he’s doing the right stuff, no one can accuse him of being a slacker. I think he’s been on TV more than Angelina Jolie. I don’t think there’s a chance in the world that he could slip into the kind of adulterous dalliances that Bill Clinton did. (Not that I think it’s in his character to do so) It’s just that he always seems to be on the air as he speeds around trying to fulfill everything he said he’d do. michelle-obama But that aside, I’ll give you one word to explain why it will never happen. MICHELLE. You’ve seen the arms on that lady! She’d snap him like a twig. And he cant get away from her. He’s a smoker.  She’d be on him as soon as he started to wheeze. I wonder if that’s why he’s pushing so hard to pass healthcare reform. He knows he’s gonna need it.

PETA Again?

Obama and the Fly. Not exactly the stuff of history books. I don’t even think it matches up with the LBJ Beagle incident. lbjbeagleIt made for good comic relief though in news cycle after news cycle of one disaster followed by another finacial crisis, followed by another war threat.

If you missed it, President Obama was being interviewed when he was annoyed by a fly. He manually swatted it, and it wound up lying on the floor. Good reflexes I’d say. Even better than George W. dodging the shoe.We need presidents with good reflexes.

So now here comes PETA, who last week was requesting that fish not be tossed at Veterinarian’s convention. I think they lost that one, so now they decide to flex their muscles and take on the leader of the free world. They announced that they are sending The President a Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher.

Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher

Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher

By looking at the thing, I don’t see how he could have caught the fly with it on his arm. But aside from that, I’ve gotta think that PETA has decided that they just haven’t been in the news enough lately.  All I can say is… I don’t know what to say, but hmmm.

I wonder if it wouldn’t  have been better for President Obama to have left the fly for the secret service to wrestle to the ground. After all, it might have been wearing a dynamite vest. It’s their job.

And then I have to ask: Did he wash his hands?!

Healthcare Reform, Will it Happen? Will it Help?

Okay, the Obama administration is going great guns on health care reform. That’s cool. That’s one of the reasons he got elected. It’s also been tried before. They’ve got the same slogan as Bill and Hill: “Reduce the cost of Health Care.” Not sure what that means these days. In the past, Reduce the Cost of Health Care was code for “Medicare is going to deny more and pay less.” Never reduced my costs any.
All I know is that without health insurance, I’d never be able to afford to go to the doctor. I had hernia surgery nine months ago. At the time, I was double insured between mine and my wifes benefits. If I had to have the surgery today, I couldn’t afford to pay 20% and that’s a simple in and out little hernia repair. I can’t imagine being in the situation of catastrophic illness only to find my insurance doesn’t cover the experimental treatment that may keep me alive. Or how about this? Do I sell the house and stay alive, or do we keep the house so the family still has a home when I croak without the treatment?
It is immoral that health care has become a luxury item.
We tend make the insurance industry the ultimate villain of the story. They certainly aren’t at the top of my list of people who make me feel warm and fuzzy. As much as I like to imagine horrible things happening to them, I can’t let them shoulder the blame alone.
I believe it’s more of an unholy triad that we’re dealing with here: Insurance System, Health Care System, Legal System. As much as I like to point at insurance, I also have to ask “Who says Health Care should charge so much?” I know there are overhead issues. A doctor’s office has to hire several people just to deal with the various insurance companies. I know that malpractice insurance costs an arm and a leg. Without malpractice insurance, the obscene award given for just one “pain and suffering” case could close an office. It’s a vicious cycle.
For years, insurance just paid without saying a word. This led to a culture of over treating, prescribing anything and everything, whether the patient needed it or not. After all, the patient wasn’t paying, so what the heck. Eventually, Insurance figured out that they needed to stop paying so much. About the same time, all sorts of medical offices ceased to be run by medical people, but by business people. Guess whose interests went down a peg? If you guessed the patients, you get a hearty handshake and a pat on the back. As a former member of the health care industry, I watched, as forms being filled out accurately become more important to the bean counters, than whether or not the patient got what they needed. Of course the office needed to get paid, or I would get no paycheck. It was sad though, that a larger percentage of the day was going toward paperwork and billing.
I believe in accountability, that a patient who has been a victim of malpractice has the right t satisfaction. Having said that, I also believe that there have been some severely irresponsible awards given. This drives up medical overhead. It makes the lawyers richer and costs me more for a doctor visit. Or it costs the insurance company more which makes my premium higher.

I don’t claim to have all the answers. If I did, I wouldn’t have time to be doing this. Or maybe I’d be getting paid for doing this.

I think it would be a good Idea if all insurance companies had to be non-profit organizations. Hospitals too. (Some of them are) It works for Credit Unions. I don’t know why my ten minutes in an MRI machine costs over $1000. Don’t get me started on how pharmaceutical companies can fleece us like they do. I don’t see how just making insurance available to everybody is going to help if most of us can’t afford it. If there isn’t an decrease of what is charged, the insurance companies will cut their cost by denying more, paying less, and increasing my premiums. If there isn’t some sort of limits placed on malpractice awards, doctors won’t be able to lower their overhead. If surgeons don’t charge exorbitant fees for 5 minutes of time… you see what I mean.
Mr President, You’ve got your work cut out for you on this one. I’m hopeful, but not optimistic. I’ll keep praying for you. Read more…

To Toss or Not to Toss

I’m filing this in the “Are You Kidding Me?” File.

The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) is having their annual conference at the Seattle Convention center. That’s just blocks from the Pike Place Market. If you’ve never been to the market, one of the favorite tourist attractions over the years has been the fish throwers.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOpCFUbmQM4&hl=en&fs=1&color1=0x006699&color2=0x54abd6]

The AVMA thought it would be fun to have the fish throwing guys come over and do a little tossing for the entertainment of the conference goers.

Seemed like a good idea at the time, but now PETA has had to stick there nose in and request that the AVMA not have the tossers come over with their fish.

“It’s cruel enough to eat fish, but it literally adds insult to injury to use them as toys for silly stunts.” is the reason given for the request.

What?! Do these guys not have more pressing issues to deal with? Whaling? Cosmetic Industry? Medical science animal testing? Michael Vick’s dogs? The fish are dead! Go after the guys that killed them.

I could see if they were tossing live fish that were drowning in air, but protecting the dignity of dead fish? I don’t think any of their relatives will see it on TV, and be horrified by it. If that were the case, I’m sure we would have already seen lawsuits on their behalf.

The thing that bugs me is that the Vets are about to cave in and cancel the fish tossing. Whatever.

People Eating Tasty Animals

President BHO and Graceland Part 2

I wasn’t kidding was I?


President BHO and Graceland

Now we have a new president. While watching the coverage yesterday I had a flashback. No not acid. I had a flashback to the day 27 years ago that I visited Graceland. It wasn’t Graceland itself, but the business that had popped up mushroom like in about a two mile radius. The Elvis industry was in full flower. There were Elvis souvenirs that you wouldn’t believe.

Now we stand on the cusp of  economic recovery beginning with the industry of Obama-mania. I’ve seen every type of Obama t-shirt one could dream of.obamat1 Obama buttons are everywhere. I haven’t seen any, but I know there will be Obama tapestries ala the JFK tapestries of the 6o’s.  From what I saw on the streets surrounding Graceland, my imagination doesn’t have the chops to come up with what some people will. Barack and Michelle Salt Shakers, Obama sofa thows, letter openers, snow globes, lunch boxes,  Coffee mugs,  There will be knock-offs of the First Lady’s dresses.

Of course half the stuff will be made in China. …Sigh…


When was a a kid, all the important people in the public world were older than me. (with the possible exception of the occasional child star I saw on tv)   The professional athletes that I watched and admired were all grown men, older than me. The first age milestone I remember hitting was when I realized that I had become the same age as many of them. I remember it striking me as significant,  when I became older than all of the football and baseball stars. The next thing that seemed freaky to me was when doctors started showing up who were younger than me. This didn’t seem right. After all, weren’t doctors kindly gray haired men who were even older than my parents? I’ve gone through bosses being younger than me.  Television reporters are younger than me. Now it has happened.  the leader of the free world is younger than I. Wow that’s a mind blower. Not long ago I would have viewed him as a kid.  Never mind his race, his  party, or his religion. I’m older than the president.

At least I’m still younger than the folks living in the retirement home down the street. Oh, and most of Arizona.

To President Obama:

I pray that the Lord give you wisdom strength and courage, all in supernatural doses, in Jesus Name, Amen.