Some Days…

Do you ever ask yourself why you bothered getting out of bed? I’ve been dealing with some sort of chronic upper respiratory bug for the past two months. It hasn’t been one of those 24/7 constant misery types of things, but it’s been a daily annoyance. two or three times a day, I’ve been hit with sneezing fits complete with the runny nose and watery eyes. Sometimes at night when I’m trying to sleep, my nose feels like a faucet. (Love that imagery, right?)
For some reason, I was wide awake last night and finally got to sleep around midnight. My alarm goes off ar 5:20am so I prefer to get to sleep earlier than that. Anyway, about 3:15, I woke up choking and coughing as all this fluid started making it’s way into my lungs. I spent the next couple of hours coughing. The last thing I want is for this nonsense to turn into pneumonia. My Doctor, gave me a precautionary prescription for some industrial strength antibiotics.
I decided that staying home from work was the wisest course of action since I work in a dust factory. I drove to the pharmacy in my local supermarket.  As I went to pay, I discovered that I’d left my wallet at home. Aauuuggghhh!! OK So I buzz back home to get my wallet. On the way there, I noticed a car that had been pulled over by an unmarked police SUV. Good thing it wasn’t me without my wallet. I grabbed the wallet from my house, and headed back to get my drugs.
At the corner where the fire station is, I came to a complete stop at the red light before turning right. Bad move. In my rear view mirror, what do you think I saw? The flashing blue and red in the grill of the unmarked SUV. On this particular corner there is a sign that says No Turn On Red. I know it. I stop there every morning and grumble as I wait for the light to change. My wife and I used to carpool in the morning and every time I’d start to turn she’d say “No turn on red” After several months of this I developed a near Pavlovian response. When I see the light turn, I hear my wife’s voice in my head, and my foot automatically stays on the brake pedal until the light changes.
Maybe it was my brain being addled with illness coupled with my irritation at having to retrieve my wallet. Whatever the reason, I turned right on red.
As I sat in the car, waiting for King County’s finest to run his check on my license plate to make sure I wasn’t listed as armed and dangerous, I wanted to scream. I wanted to curse at him and ask him why he was trapping me instead of catching real crooks. I didn’t. I just got out my wallet, and began getting my registration and proof of insurance together. I wanted to beg for mercy and explain that I stop and wait for the light to change every single day on my way to work. I wanted to ask beg for his indulgence since I’m sick and only driving in the first place so I can get my medicine.
I said nothing audible as Deputy Fife informed me of the sign, and how they’ve been getting complaints about scofflaws like myself ignoring it.
“Have a nice day” he said while handing me the ticket.
“Too late” I replied to his back as he sauntered back to his rolling trap.
Just what I need. another bill, and another increase to my insurance.
This sent me into a state of grumpiness for the next few hours. I picked up my prescription and headed for  home.  For what it’s worth, I saw my buddy in the unmarked SUV pull over
another unsuspecting driver, as I was turning left at the fire station.
The crocodile nabbed another zebra trying to cross the river.
Anyway, I took the first dose of my drugs, and went back to bed.