Will Act for Food

bw vine wgreen copyA friend of mine cast me in a film that he’s making. I’ve been in three of the four shorts that he’s done so far. This is by far his most ambitious project, being his first feature length work. We just shot my scene last night. The film is called Hollow, and deals with the sex trades, and some of their consequences. I play Ivan Gorski, a Russian, who produces porn vids for the web. Pretty sleazy, but a fun character to play. It’s only one scene. In and out in one evening.

It isn’t a low budget film, but a no budget. Needless to say there’s no pay, but I’m happy to be a part of the project. In the scene, Ivan is drinking shots of vodka. It’s easy to stage vodka, since the color doesn’t matter, all you need is a tap. After several takes, I think my kidneys were well flushed. So in addition to all the water I could drink, someone brought a tin of cookies, and there was a bag of carrots. Not to mention the homemade biscotti, the night before at rehearsal.( I could easily put on 30 pounds if I were around them on a daily basis.)

I was a wino in Chris' last project, "The Sword"

I was a wino in Chris' last project, "The Sword"

Director Chris Corey is developing quite the ensenble to draw on for cast and crew. It’s fun watching Vine Media Group grow from a vision to reality.  I’m not sure when the premiere will be, but I’ll keep you posted. See ya on the red carpet.

Previous projects of Chris’ that I’ve been involved with include:

Baggage, which is based on a sketch that I wrote

Super Hero

The Sword

Visit: The Sword Theatrical Trailer to see the trailer for “The Sword”