Strange Dream

The memory is a strange and wondrous thing. (At least mine is strange)

I remember pockets of things from quite young. I remember a dream I had in the 2nd grade. It really stuck with me.

There was a girl named Edith in our second grade class. One night I had a dream that Edith had come to our house. The house we lived in, in Paso Robles was on close to 2 acres. Heading out back there was a hill (slope). In my dream, Edith and I were going out back. The hill was steep in my dream, and I had to give her a hand to help her get up to the top. When I pulled to help her up, her hand came off. It didn’t bleed or anything. It just looked like a mannequin’s hand and wrist.

I remember saying, “I pulled off your hand!” She just looked up at me with sad eyes and nodded. That’s all I recall of the dream, but I’ve remembered it all these years.

I might just be a Shrink’s delight.

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