Agreement Circumplex Negotiation

17 Things That Prevent Integrative Negotiation Relationship History Belief in problem distribution characteristics resolution has 5 steps in the process of integrationCreation – Definition of Problems – mutually acceptable definition set Simple way (identify links vs. Separate Problems) Framework as a Goal – Contours Obstacles to Correct Disconnection The subject person Develop standards (see also planning ch.) to assess the quality of the agreement 3 steps in integration Process Identification – Definition of Problems Identify alternatives/solutions to the problem Assessing alternatives and choosing the best How does this differ from other types of negotiations? 9 Technical Features How to Implement Spread pieAdd or change resources 1.How can both parties get what they want? 2.Is a lack of resources? 3. How can resources be expanded to meet the requirements of both parties? Logroll Combine/Separate Priority Issues Nonspecific Compensation Offer compensation that has nothing to do with the content of trading 15 IV. Assess and Select AlternativesValue Quality and Acceptability Before negotiating objective criteria, regularly check priorities Articulate your reasons for interest and discuss intangible subgroups for complex issues Cool Cool Periods Cool Periods Rest Techniques Logrolling Techniques Risk preferences, wait differences, Soft-Group time preferences minimize formality by written agreements. 2. Understand the problem and bring interests and needs to the surface 10 features of the technique How to implement Cut Costs for compliance minimize the suffering of others –What risks and costs creates my proposal for the other negotiator –What can I do to minimize other risks and costs, so that he is more willing to agree on the bridge solution reformulation problem –What are the underlying real underlying interests and needs of the other negotiator –What are my own underlying interests and needs — What are the higher and lower priorities for each of us in our underlying interests and needs –Can we invent a solution that corresponds to the relative priorities of the two negotiators who seek solutions that meet the goals and objectives of both parties who are trying to understand the needs/objectives of the other party 14 reach vs.

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