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Download the RB Key application to your mobile phone. Then, proceed with the activation in both the application and your internet banking. Everything is easy and only takes a few minutes. Open the RB Key application on your telephone. After reading through the opening screens, choose the linking method: Internet banking. The application and internet banking will guide you through the remaining steps. Once the activation is completed, you can enjoy all the benefits of RB Key. Saved time – no need to retype codes from text messages To activate the application, first open he Settings – RB Key – New Activation tab in your internet banking. Then follow the instructions you see on the screen. „So checke ich den Kontostand am Handy, nehme Überweisungen vor, bezahle kontaktlos und nutze die vielen Möglichkeiten, die mir die Raiffeisen Apps bieten.“ Nowadays we use smart phones for almost any purpose. Why shouldn`t we use them for our banking matters? With our mobile banking service, you can use financial services via your mobile phone. To use RB Key to confirm operations in internet banking, you also need to sign in with RB Key. At www.rb.cz, click “Login” and select the RB Key tab.

The best and easy app ever. No need to visit any branch. All you need can be done through this app and ATMs. 👍 In the RB klíč application, open the settings (gearwheel icon) and choose “Change PIN”. If you want to set up complexity of the code, click “Password complexity”. Es gibt kaum eine Aufgabe, die sich nicht via Handy erledigen lässt. Mit der Fülle und Komplexität der Aufgaben wachsen auch die Anforderungen an die Sicherheit. Sie können die Sicherheit mit ein paar einfachen Maßnahmen erhöhen. When activating, you were asked to note down the Activation and PUK codes. You can use the codes to reactivate your RB Key. If such data to renew the activation are not available, you need to visit a branch office of Raiffeisenbank or sign in using text messages and activate RB Key again.

CONGRATULATIONS… Now you are ready to explore the most innovative mobile application of the Albanian Banking System. . . Higher security when signing in and confirming operations in internet banking Guaranteed confidentiality thanks to state-of-the-art security technology. A one-time PIN for access to the application guarantees security and privacy of transactions Zeichnen Sie Ihre Aufträge einfach mit pushTAN oder cardTAN und führen Sie Ihre Überweisungen jetzt noch schneller durch – mit der Empfänger-Schnellauswahl und den Scanfunktionen. Always use our website at www.rb.cz to sign in to internet banking. After clicking the blue “Login” button, a box appears. Choose the RB Key tab, type in the required data and click “Sign in”. Mit der ZOIN Funktion in der ELBA-pay App wird der Austausch von kleineren und größeren Geldbeträgen so einfach wie das Senden einer SMS. .

We are currently working to develop a substitute authentication method for this case. Until then you need to authenticate operations in internet banking using text messages. Yes, it is. It is a modern and very well secured authentication tool meeting the strictest security requirements. For security reasons, the user may only activate RB Key on one device.

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