From the “You Gotta be Kidding” Dept.

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WASHINGTON — A House subcommittee approved legislation Wednesday aimed at forcing college football to switch to a playoff system to determine a national champion, over the objections of some lawmakers who said Congress had more pressing matters on its plate.

The bill, which faces long odds of becoming law, would ban the promotion of a postseason NCAA Division I football game as a national championship unless that title contest is the result of a playoff. The measure passed by voice vote in a House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee, with one audible “no,” from Rep. John Barrow, D-Ga.

“With all due respect, I really think we have more important things to spend our time on,” Barrow said before the vote, although he stressed he didn’t like the current Bowl Championship Series, either.

The bill’s sponsor, GOP Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, said the BCS system is unfair and won’t change unless prompted by Congress.

Thank you Rep. John Barrow, Democrat from Georgia for being the voice of sanity in a congress gone wacky. We’ve got double digit unemployment, banks still giving bonuses with tax money, and borders that we cannot seem to afford to secure. We now have congressmen in a sub committee trying to pass a law meddling in college sports? College sports is part of the entertainment industry. I sincerely believe that they have better things to do on our dime.
The bill’s sponsor is Joe Barton of Texas. This is a republican; you know, the party of small government. Wait, did I say Texas? Well I guess that explains things. Football is the state religion of Texas. Hmmm… Does this mean they’re venturing into the realm of “Church and State?
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Congress: Please stay out of College Football. I know Their championship system is lame, and perhaps for some, unfair. Maybe there should be a tournament. (but for Pete’s sake, they’ll be playing til March) Let them work it out. Let the consumers put the pressure on them to make changes. You guys have more important things to do.