Pay attention to your Friends

Leah Marie King

Leah Marie King

Two weeks ago, I saw a post on Facebook telling one of my “friends” how they miss her. Then I saw another, expressing sadness. What the hells going on? I wondered. I went to my friends page and saw dozens of posts expressing shock and grief. 
So of course I’m wondering what happened. She died? That’s horrible! What happened? We’d never met face to face, but had chatted on Facebook, and just about five weeks earlier we talked on Skype for a radio interview.  I was still hopeful that this was just one of those Facebook misunderstandings or a cruel hoax.  As the day went on dozens of posts came in from people who actually knew Leah, not just as a Facebook friends, but actual loved ones. 
The one thing that wasn’t  mentioned was what happened. A few asked, but no one was saying. This made me think that it wasn’t a car wreck or sudden illness. I began to get a bad feeling. Accidents or natural causes aren’t usually kept quiet. One person did make mention of taking ones life. 
NO! No way! I just interviewed her and she was so up. She was passionate about playing guitar, about songwriting, and about working with horses.  We were going to do another interview in the future. She talked about coming back to the Pacific Northwest on tour some day. Just not what you usually hear from someone who would want to commit suicide. A day or so later this was released. 

 Raven Child Music and Leah’s family are deeply distressed to announce the passing of Leah Marie King. Sadly, on Tuesday, June 24, 2014, Leah decided to end her life. She will be sorely missed by all the people who knew and loved her. Information about memorial services will be forthcoming.

 In lieu of flowers, donations in Leah’s memory can be made to her favorite local charity, a dog rescue organization (Stevie, the LMK tour dog, graduated from Snooty Giggles) near Nashville, Tennessee or American Foundation For Suicide Prevention or Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention

For someone I never met face to face, Leah’s passing hit me  hard that week.  We always think that we could tell when someone was in so much pain, that they couldn’t bear to go on. Of course we could tell… Think again. We can’t always tell. All we can do is be willing to hear. Be willing to pay closer attention If you are one who is in so much pain, let someone know. PLEASE! Or contact one of the organizations linked above.

Early Childhood Trauma

A few weeks ago I was at my sister’s house going through some old family pictures. I’ll be sharing some of the more significant ones in the coming weeks.

I’m three years old when this picture was taken. Easter weekend of 1958. I’m the one in the Easter Bunny costume… oh yeah…

Easter Madness

Easter Madness

right. I’m there in a sea of bunnies racing across some part of Golden Gate Park. I drew an arrow to show me. How do I know it’s me, you ask? How do you know it’s not?
I’m the one with the wet britches. We were hopping and hopping trying to be first across the meadow. Do you think they would have a bathroom available? And if they did, do you think I could have gotten that stupid suit off? I think not. All I know is that I was one unhappy camper.
As far as I recall, this was the last time I ever wore a bunny suit.

Too Much Time On My Hands?

I’ve been doing some voices (No, not the ones in my head) for SOS Radio on Party 934. I was asked to do a promo for my own show to air on SOS.

Playlist 12/15/2012

Playlist 12/15/12
1. Grateful Dead – Midnight Hour
2. The Who – Reign O’er Me
3. Neil Young – Cowgirl In The Sand
4. Dirty Guv’nahs – Goodbye Chicago
5. Luther Allison – Sweet Home Chicago
6. Cold Blood – Understanding
7. The Rolling Stones – Silver Train
8. Evis Costello – Out Of Time
9. Dirty Names – Salt Water Jackie
10. Tom Waits – The Heart Of Saturday Night
11. Neko Case – Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
12. Alejandro Escovedo – After The Meteor Showers
13. Danny O’Keefe – If Ya Can’t Boogie Woogie
14. The Mothers Of Invention – Trouble Every Day
15. EM Drew – 1000 Souls
16. Levi Weaver – I Am Certain I Am A Train
17. Amber Hunter – Empty
18. Trixie Whitley – Breathe You In My Dreams
19. Daphne Lee Martin – Sweet & Low Down
20. Delta Spirit – French Quarter
21. Sally Majestic – Donut Shop On Mars
22. Bob Dylan – Talkin’ World War III Blues

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So Long, Alice

On Thanksgiving day, I flew down to Phoenix to see my step mom who was in failing health. (the tremendous benefit of Jean’s job at the airline). At just over a month away from her 94th birthday, Alice was quite perky and cheerful. The only signs of anything being wrong were the oxygen mask she was wearing, and the fact that she was in a hospice facility. They had found an ominous mass in her lung, and due to her age, were not going to treat.

“Everybody gets something” she said with a pragmatic shrug.

She was happy to see me, since otherwise she was alone for the holiday. We watched a football game on the tube and chatted about family stuff.

Today, I got word that Alice passed away last night. Everyone was surprised, because she seemed so full of life. Despite the dire news from the medical world, she still had a sparkle in her eye, and absolutely no fear. It seems she decided when it was time to go. She was loved by many and will be missed.

I was 30 when she married my dad. We never had a mother/son relationship, or even Step-mother/step-son, for that matter. She was my dad’s wife, and made him happy for 19+ years til he passed away. We don’t get to choose our parents, or our step parents, but we get to choose our friends. Alice and I chose each other as friends. To me that was preferable.  I’m glad I got to see her 2 weeks ago. I’m blessed that my visit made her so happy.

So long Alice, we’ll see you again.



Voted Yet?

I just mailed my ballot, the day before election day. I’d intended to do so a week ago. Oh well, at least it’s done. The State of Washington, in it’s infinite wisdom has decided that we all shall vote by mail now. I don’t like it. I guess it’s convenient, and all and I’m not limited to a such a small window of time to vote, it just needs to be postmarked by election day.

I miss going to the polling place. There, It feels like I’ve voted. It’s the experience. All of us from a precinct gathering at one place, and interacting with the volunteers. I miss that, the personal nature of it.

Now, voting by mail I feel less certain that it will be counted. What if the mail plane gets hit by a terrorist attack? What if the postal worker drops my envelope behind the desk? What if…?

Well, at least I voted.

The Robert J Program Playlist 10/20/12

1. Tipsy McStagger Band – Maureen
2. Johnny Winter – Good Morning Little School Girl
3. Rod Stewart – Good Morning Little School Girl
4. Taj Mahal – Good Morning Little School Girl
5. Dr John – Ice Age
6. The Dirty Guvnahs – Baby We Were Young
7. The Grip Weeds – Speed Of Life
8. The Green Door – Dark Highway
9. Philip Peters – Go On Ask!
10. Fleetwood Mac – Madison Blues
11. Buck 69 – I’m A King Bee
12. The String Cheese Incident – Radio Blues
13. Vinny’s Last Ride – When I Need You
14. Trixie Whitley – A Thousand Thieves
15. Alejandro Escovedo – Can’t Make Me Run
16. The Moan – You Ain’t Mine
17. The Green Door – Nessuno Ritorno
18. Bob Dylan – Duquesne Whistle
19. E M Drew Band – Linus
20. Mojo Nixon And Skid Roper – Pirate Radio
21. Sally Majestic – Donut Shop On Mars
22. Matrimony – Last Love
23. Levi Weaver – Apostate
24. Mary Ann Redmond – Maybe I’m Amazed

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Party 934 Podcasts


Robert J Program Playlist October 13, 2012

1. Mealfrog – Come Away
2. Bob Dylan – Soon After Midnight
3. Alejandro Escovedo – Party People
4. Sally Majestic – Sally
5. Dirty Guvnahs – 3000 Miles
6. The Beatles – Strawberry Fields
7. Grateful Dead – Not Fade Away
8. The Rolling Stones – Doom and Gloom
9. Alex Benitez – Gentle Flame
10. Daphne Lee Martin & Raise the Rent – Me & My Boots
11. Philip Peters – Here With You
12. Eliot Chamberlain – Pinstripe Dress
13. Elvis Costello – Thats Not the Part Of Him You;re Leaving
14. Levi Weaver – Never Want You Back
15. Trapdoor Social – Save The World
16. The String Cheese Incident – Desert Dawn
17. Calexico – Desert Winds
18. Jefferson Airplane – Wooden Ships
19. Haun’s Mill – Haven’t Felt This Way In Days
20. Ed Roland & The Sweet Tea Project – Shelter From The Storm
21. Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express – Whenever You’re Ready

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Party 934 Podcasts

ID Spots for Janine Santana, Party 934

We did these spots for Janine Santana’s show on Party 934.

Robert J Program Playlist, 09/30/12

Playlist 09/30/12
1. Spanky & Our Gang – Sunday Will Never Be The Same
2. Taj Mahal & The Phantom Blues Band – Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream
3. Tom Waits – On The Road
4. Fiawna Forte – No
5. Weather Report – Birdland
6. Blood Sweat & Tears – Maiden Voyage
7. Elvis Costello – Jimmie Standing In The Rain
8. Al DiMeola – Midnight Tango
9. Cold Blood – Funky On My Back
10. Tower Of Power – You Got To Funkifize
11. Daphne Lee Martin – Nostradamus
12. Sally Majestic – Scottalicious
13. Riley & The Roxies – OceanGold
14. The String Cheese Incident – Best Feeling
15. Santana – Singing Winds Crying Beasts
16. Peter Green / Fleetwood Mac – Black Magic Woman
17. Willie And The Poor Boys – Baby Please Don’t Go
18. Philip Peters – Such a Little Lover Such a Little Tease
19. Alejandro Escovedo – Sally Was A Cop

The podcast is located at: