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Robert and Jean perform as Mordecai and Miriam in the 2009 production of "The Kingdom"

These are a few videos from Saturday Night Life. Members of Anastasis Theater have been part of Acts of Life, who have hosted a monthly Comedy Dinner Show for over eight years.

"After the Garden" written by Robert Lee gives a humorous look at Adam and Eve's first fight

Father Pat has been a reccuring character at Saturday Night Life for eight years.

"Full Armor" written by Bob Snook. We gave it an "All in the Family" twist

"Ballistic Battlestar Bob" written by Robert Lee to show how parents go overboard at Christmas. This is an Excerpt.

"Wrestling for God" written by Dan Brock. Lots of Laughs

Video montage and slide-show edited by Dave Anderson for Saturday Night Life's Third Anniversary.'

Promo Clip, produced by Robert Lee for Saturday Night Life's Fifth Anniversary





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