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Note: the majority of these scripts contain minimal or no stage direction. I leave it to directors and actors to do what works best for their facilities.

After The Garden
Adam said "Yes but it was that woman you gave me who brought me the fruit..." How must Eve have felt about this comment? This is a humorous look at the conversation that might have followed.

Husband and wife struggle over things from the past, both material and spiritual. Mostly comedy, serious ending.

Ballistic Battlestar Bob
Parents panic over buying their son's most desired Christmas present in this comedy about the true meaning of Christmas.

Be Prepared
Modern Day Parable. This is a good sermon starter on the topic of preparedness.

Cell Phone Relationship
Comic look at couple whose work schedules don't leave them much time together.

Chains Of Glass
Readers Theater dealing with breaking from spiritual bondage.

A comic look at what may happen if we don't give our kids responsibilities while they are young.

Church Ladies Introduction
Church Ladies fight over who reads the introduction. Use this as a comic intro to any program.

Come Back
Simple sketch written to go with a message on coming back to church after summer distractions.

Do As I Say
Mother and daughter argue over choice of clothing. What kind of example do we set?

Fitness Trainer
Are we really helping each other? Satirical look at how we fail at providing what is needed to help one another grow.

The Flogging
One Act Play. These Soldiers flogged Jesus. How did it affect them?

Get Up
This is a sketch which leads into a song. It deals with the weaknesses of christians and the ability of Jesus to lift us up from our sins.

Gino and The Godfather
Broad comedy. Former mobster Gino is now a Christian. What will he do when the Godfather calls him in to return a favor?

I Wanna Be A Pastor
Comic sketch, written for Pastor Appreciation Night. Part of this is specific to our church, but you can adapt it to fit your church and pastor(s)

Yo Qiero ser un Pastor
Translated into Spanish by Jorge Pierola, from the Barrington Ave Hispanic Baptist Church, in West Los Angeles, CA. 2008

I Was Only Joking
What we may consider good natured teasing of our spouses, or funny but derogatory nicknames for our kids, might be causing pain to our loved ones.

I'll do it tomorrow.
What price do we pay for procrastination?

Let Me In
Satirical look at materialism in the Church.

Husbands and wives remain a mystery to each other without communication.

Potentially You
This was written to accompany a sermon our pastor preached, entitled: "Tapping in to Your Potential" It examines some reasons, real or imagined, that people have for not achieving their potential.

Short Farce, illustrating how our priorities can be out of wack. It's more of a living cartoon, so should be played broadly.

School Nurse
High school nurse obeys the rules. This is a commentary on inconsistencies in today's schools.

There are signals that warn us of danger to our families. Ignoring them can wreck homes or destroy lives.

Sunday School
Discouraged Sunday school teacher learns that he has had an effect on someone's life.

Way after the Garden
Adam and Eve try to settle their differences on the Dr Swil Show.
Special thanks to Sunday School Dropouts for letting me borrow Dr Swil.

What's Right For Me
A short piece dealing with relativism in todays world.

Was Ist Richtig Für Mich
German translation of "What's Right For Me" provided by Henrika Vogt, from Augsburg, Germany

Will You Listen?
Are we listening to each other, or even to God? This couple learn that we must not pray for our spouse's change, but for our own change.

Who Have I Touched?
A pastor wonders if he should leave the ministry.

Monologue. Mechior, the magus is headed home from Bethlehem. The trip was not what he had expected.