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Robert J Lee

Founding Member, Creative Director

Robert's first taste of acting came while working as a student announcer at his college radio station. He was invited to participate with a radio improvisation group. Here he began to discover a variety of voices, and characters. He then took a 20 year detour, becoming a certified athletic trainer, working for several years in professional sports. In 1993, he joined Jean in a Readers Theater show for their church's Christmas Dinner. As a writer, several of his short plays and comedy sketches have been performed worldwide. “After the Garden”, a humorous look at Adam and Eve's first argument has been published in “Millennium Monologues”, a scene study book for drama students. Listening to accents, and dialects is a hobby, and he may be heard on occasion launching into a Belfast brogue for self amusement. Or he may be seen on stage from time to time playing a devil that sounds strangely like Jack Nicholson, or a detective doing a cheap Bogart impersonation.

The Names Have Been Changed
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