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Anastasis Productions

After the Garden

Adam and Eve
Genre: Comedy
Cast: 1 Male 1 Female

After the Garden is played for laughs. The premise is that this takes place after Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden of Eden. It was written for a sermon on forgiveness, but don't look for any deep spiritual significance.

The characers should be real people, not cartoon-like caricatures. The lines should get laughs. Also, using plastic leaves for costuming is a funny touch. This is a married couple looking to blame one another for their predicament.

Eve should use plenty of angry facial expression in the beginning while Adam is trying to get her to talk. Adam's faceshould show that he is truly puzzled over what he may have done to incur his wife's wrath.

You can also find "After the Garden" in this book, edited by Gerald Ratliff: