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Craig Cooper


Founding Member, Technical Director

I help with backstage and technical support with Anastasias Productions, over the last 5 years, 1 1/2 years TGIF at the Corridor. I've helped in the same capacity 5 years with Acts of Life at their monthly Saturday Night Life dinner theater. I've been part of a hosting team for special guests speakers and bands. I've helped with sound engineering and backstage with church special events and worship. I have been director of backstage/stage manager for 7 major Christmas and Easter productions at River of Life Fellowship over the last five years. Career as a telecommunications field engineer at The Boeing Company. some of the perks of being involved with this group is being recruited for various roles, I've starred as Lurch in the Adams Family sketch at Saturday Night Life and have a reoccurring role as Jimmie Joe in the Baptist Gourmet sketch.




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