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Bonita Cooper


Founding Member, Music Director

I started out as a child…..Bill Cosby’s opening LOL
My first and foremost passion is serving with music and drama.
I started in productions at the tender age of one month….yes my parents put me in my first Christmas production as baby Jesus! I wish I could remember…my mom says I slept through it all, I must have been happy huh? ...I started singing publicly at the age of five with my father playing guitar.
All through my school years I surrounded myself with church Easter and Christmas productions, talent shows, playing piano, writing music, keyboards for jazz bands etc.
After HS graduation I had the dreams of becoming a musical probation officer??? Not sure how that would all work out, however I had a great need to help troubled youth so I started classes at Foothill Community College in California. I had been there for a year, when a Covenant Players/Catalyst team came into town…a Christian traveling music drama company based out of Reseda California. My best friend talked me into going to Los Angeles and audition….so I did, and I made it YAY!!!! Three months of intense training classes; Acting I and II, Directing I and II, Improv and lots of singing…I didn’t know they were preparing me for our first Catalyst team. Covenant Players was developing a new music/drama group and I would be a part of that. I traveled in a van with 5 people all over Canada, Yukon, and the US singing and doing sketches 10 months out of the year. After a couple years of CP, I moved to Washington to go to Bible College. My dream was still to help youth somehow some way so I thought learning more about the bible would be great. And it did. Through the course of 3 ˝ years I joined several ministry teams: Women’s Prison Ministry, Juvenile Hall Ministry, and Street Ministry.
I took 10 years off to have children then went back to school to become a Veterinary Technician and also went to Green River College to pursue the arty side of me in TV/Commercials and acting classes in Seattle. Doing this exposed me to outside (not church) Stage and Film industry. It changed my whole perception of the arts.
I started working doing commercials for Ernst Hardware then I got a call to go on the set of the show “Northern Exposure” as an “extra”. Eventually I got offered a job working in casting extras then went behind the camera assisting with directing the “human props” and that’s where the production “bug bit me”.
Wow! I love creating art behind the scenes, it’s a fantastic feeling!
We won an Emmy in 1992, I still have it hanging on my wall….it’s amazing!
Robert, Jean and I have been working together for the last 13 yrs on plays such as: “Whip Hammer and Cross, “The Crossing”, “Jesus Production” and Musicals such “Christmas Family Reunion” “Joy to the Children” and “Kingdom” at River of Life Fellowship in Kent Washington. We have also served the community for last 7yrs putting together “Saturday Night Life” a dinner theater preformed once a month.
Anastasis Productions is currently serving the community: Women’s and Men’s Union Gospel Missions in Seattle, and “The Corridor” in SeaTac.
Through out the years my true passion still hasn’t changed, it’s serving the community with what talent and gifts God has graciously given me. I find it an honor and a privilege to be a part of serving women shelters and going to the places where four walls can not or will not go….darkness WON’T go into the light because of the shame. So we as the LIGHT need to go into the darkness to shine the light of hope in Jesus Christ!
Isaiah 58 sums it all up!
John Dammarell’s book “Churches without Walls” is great reading, it really explains Is.58





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